About Project World Citizen

Created by students in British Columbia, Canada, Project World Citizen aims to assist communities in the developing world that are struggling with social injustices. Our mission is to promote a positive and locally oriented demonstration of environmentally sustainable projects across the world. Project World Citizen values peace, humanity, travel and constructive initiatives, promoting a sustainable economic impact for community development. Project World Citizen sets an example and leaves a legacy that is locally inspired and sustained for generations to come.  Project World Citizen prides itself on its ability to make big differences in the lives of individuals and focuses on specific issues that can create a positive opportunity for local people, without an extreme western impact on the culture. Our team members must embrace this ‘local first’ ideal.

All charitable projects are uniquely chosen based on the specific needs of the countries and communities allotted funds. These projects will be driven by the locals of the countries chosen, with leadership provided by Project World Citizen team members. We will spread our resources across many countries – but focus on one plan of action until it is able to move forward independently.